Based on the observations and experience of our team, the demand for process and mechanical-engineering design work has increased significantly in the recent years. 

Members of the company, after several years of successful collaboration as a team, are open to rethinking and repositioning their role in a design engineering environment. 

Based on our past experience and favorable macro-economical prospects, we desided to continue our work as a company. We feel that being part of a joint venture is a great idea. Providing this service together can be an advantageous and profitable business.

The company has comparative advantages in acquiring and coordinating further design capacity through more accurate and detailed knowledge of the factors and actors in this industry.

To realize these benefits, we have created a design team led by NIVO-TEQ Kft. The core members are a team of designers with an external net of additional subcontractors. 
The design team can also carry out larger and more complex jobs with the easy, quick involvement of our external designers.