The players in the design engineering market are overwhelmed. According to
our hypothesis, there is a place for a designer association to provide such a
complex service.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of quality. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we also want to approach the problems from the constructor’s side.
We help you to find the fastest and most cost effective solutions. We can help you to complete the design of the project on time with the expected quality. We believe that designers who are familiar with the problems and limitations of the constructors are the key to the success of every project implementation.

During our discussions with previous and potential customers of our company, a development concept has been revealed. There was a great demand for extending the scope of their construction activities to technological engineering design.

On the basis of our customers' general concepts, extending their scope of activities would mean that engineering technology design capacity would be secured by own staff, in addition to subcontracting resources, thus guarantee a secure availability at different stages of the projects.

· First phase the elaboration of tenders, the period before the projects are awarded.

· Second phase after the project was awarded, the term of the actual design works

· Third phase pre-purchase Cost Optimization
In our opinion, a team of engineering designers would be needed in the first phase, with as many disciplines as possible. Creating a more detailed and multi-disciplinary development concept, detailed elaboration of technical offers in a productivity-enhancing way also requires a team with the most extensive experience as possible.
From the customer's point of view, assembling an own team, to find the most suitable employees is not a fast-paced and trouble-free plan. To overcome this problem, it would be a logical decision to use the help of an existing team, whose members have had extensive experience together.
The key is the complexity of the team's knowledge so that each member's expertise and experience can cover as many disciplines as possible. In our opinion, the expertise of our members is the best possible combination.