Based on the observations and experience of our team, the demand for process and mechanical-engineering design work has increased significantly in the recent years.

When the design team started working together, the economic crisis had a strong impact on the industry, resulting in a decline in technical design engineering orders on the market.

The primary orders of our former workplace were international, large-scale projects, so we may only have felt this effect in case of the smaller-scale domestic orders 

This trend has been reversed in recent years, according to our experience. Requests and the number of bids have multiplied. In this sector, we were faced with a lack of capacity. This led to the need to carry out a variety of jobs within and outside the design workflow.
This situation forced us to widen our knowledge base and also strive to accelerate the project management activities using varied automation tools. Obviously additional resources could be obtained with the involvement of subcontractors. 

Considering that there was a permanent lack of capacity of subcontractors, the expansion of our contact network has increased with the search for newer and newer subcontactors.